Today in a talk with Hagen Stolle

8 February, 2021
Today in a talk with Hagen Stolle from SeeReal - 5 questions about himself and the REALHOLO H2020 project

Introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your background.

I have been working in technology roles before, but working on real 3D holographic displays has elevated the challenges to yet another level. This is especially due to the fact that at SeeReal we are not only working on hologram computation but on the whole system from basic physics to optical components and systems, including driving electronics and software.

What is your title and/or role in the project?

Together with my colleagues at SeeReal, we provide support to the H2020 project REALHOLO in regards to component and system specifications, selected design aspects and validation of the new component’s abilities in two use cases. The investigation of the MEMS-SLM in a real holographic 3D HUD setup will generate exciting insights representative for many other potential applications.

What are your contributions to the project? (Specify what tasks you are responsible for)

The team of SeeReal helped initiating the project and brining the application to a successful completion. Now that the project started, we support key specifications as well as use case implementation and validation.

What challenges can you foresee in the project?

Challenges in the project range from component aspects as data bandwidth and MEMS mechanics precision to designing and building a real holographic 3D display demo. Fortunately, REALHOLO project team members bring plenty of background expertise and experience, so that we can focus on selected key challenges and built upon prior work and know-how.

How do you think the project outcome could affect our daily life?

Finally matching in quality and features what we see in real life with what information is generated by displays will create a change in how we use displays, what we use them for and how we interact with such information. This will affect us in our professional life when we assess problems and design solutions, as it will in private life when grandma meets the grandchild in virtual space – or the grandchild plays a game in real holographic 3D …