Results & Downloads

6 April, 2022

MEMS Piston Mirror Arrays for Computer Generated Holography

This paper was published at the SPIE Photonics West 2022 on 1st March 2022.

6 April, 2022

Challenges of monolithic MEMS-on-CMOS integration for spatial light modulators

This paper was published at the SPIE Opto 2021 on 5th March 2021.

16 February, 2022

MEMS Spatial Light Modulators for Real Holographic 3D Displays

This paper was published at the MikroSystemTechnik Congress 2021 on 8-10th November 2021.

29 November, 2021

D1.3 “Dissemination report on component and system specifications”

This document provides an overview of the motivation and objectives of REALHOLO in combination with desired specifications and corresponding challenges. An outlook beyond REALHOLO is given with focus on opportunities arising from future availability of the new component and potential further steps to proper commercialization.

1 September, 2021

REALHOLO Newsletter Issue 01

The 1st REALHOLO newsletter has been released, which is focused on the results of the first 6 project months.

1 February, 2021

Project Leaflet

The official leaflet of the H2020 project “REALHOLO” is available, containing project information, mission, vision and goals of the project.

29 January, 2021

Announcement letter

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